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The Harry Potter series rose in popularity quickly, and has sold million books worldwide, [7] in addition to birthing the movies, Pottermore, and endless merchandise.

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The reasons why the series was so popular range from luck to excellent writing to timing, [8] but the one thing that you can see across the theories is that J. Another easy example is Fifty Shades of Grey by E. She then re-published it as paperbacks. It made Twilight look like War and Peace.

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Because E. James ignored the rules. She wrote what she wanted, how she wanted, published it where she wanted and the way she wanted—and with a little bit of luck, she took the world by storm. Gladwell starts David and Goliath with the biblical story of David and Goliath. But his very first point is that the story of David and Goliath is not entirely what it seems. He cites history and the known culture of the time, and points out a few key facts. First, that the fight they were having was a custom known as single combat, in which one warrior would represent each side of the conflict p 6.

Typically, these battles were fought hand-to-hand, so Goliath prepared himself accordingly, with a javelin and heavy armor p 7. David, on the other hand, wore no heavy armor, and took only his sling with him—intending to fight as a projectile warrior p In short, the battle of David and Goliath was not entirely as it seemed. Goliath was preparing to fight a heavily armored, hand-to-hand battle where strength and size would go a long way towards achieving victory. A lot of the stories Gladwell shares come down to this same dichotomy: one side is fighting a battle for dominance, the other for survival; one is fighting for ethics, the other saving lives; one is fighting for money, the other is fighting to win.

Rowling or E.

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James and know exactly battle they were fighting, but I do think it is valuable to think about our own battles. What are we trying to achieve? Where are we going? And what is the best way to get there? In indie publishing, the initial battle was stigma. And now, as indie publishing becomes more and more popular, the stigma is dying away. The newest frustration voiced by many authors is visibility: Bowker announced in that over 1 million books were self-published in There is an important lesson in that for battles with all kinds of giants.

The powerful and the strong are not what they seem. But the question still remains: what are you fighting for? I met a writer last year, in his mid-fifties, who spent a good ten minutes talking to me about J. Writing in your own voice will not necessarily get you noticed. He also self-published book—simply self-publishing will not necessarily get you noticed.

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Also narrow minded and stupid. As a strong and willful girl, Elle has no actual interest in pursuing a BDSM lifestyle, knowing that she's just not suited to it at all. But when she arrives and meets Mr. Grey at his corporation headquarters, she becomes confused, as she feels he's bending her to his will. Grey, a handsome billionaire, has a deep and dark secret though no, not the one you're thinking of, another deep and dark secret. Having taken on many a submissive before, he finds there is something different about Elle, something that intrigues him.

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Not sure whether to confide everything in Elle and trust her, the pair however embark on a sexual journey that will take Elle to her extremes, and will force Mr. Grey to make a decision that could result in his ruin Sign in. Still, this system could be better. As I consciously have to ommit hunting in order to get rid of monsters that no longer support the immediate tactics.

That would be a major utility, to keep control of food drain, while keeping precisely the monsters you need. At the moment, the only way to get rid of monsters is to starve them. Usually a newborn if there is, which is bad.

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Couple this with point 1 and you're losing the whole strategy in this game, because you get a random monster which you have no way of getting rid of other than getting 0 food. Primarily, I don't see what monster level gives. I have a lv4 and lv3 Dubois and they seem to have actually lower stats than freshly matured ones. Perhaps level could give an increased stamina regen instead?

That actually would make "bonding" feature worthwile. And would be a lot simplier in programming, and as such, less prone to bugs. Bonding with a certain monster is simply Thus, if it heals, it can never be reassigned anymore. It counts from round 99 downward, eventually reaching negative values. The system from 2. Unless, well, this is a WIP time limit. It remains to be seen, but I suspect it's an unwinnable situation in current release. And these are my thoughts and notes so far.

Anyway, keep up the good job.

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It looks absolutely promising :. Thank you so much for playing and offering detailed feedback.

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Many great insights. I am still putting out more features, there will be answers for many of these worries.

And you are on point on the benefits from increased relationship level and traits. That one I am still tweaking a bit. But stay tune! Then again, I'll address a point made on the previous review by Untamed Brave Sophung about.

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The game is a bit confusing initially after the end of prologue. Perhaps it would be good to expand "Knowledge" feature with another "Step by step" feature for players who prefer more detailed tutorials. Also, at the start, after Lilith gets banished, perhaps a dialogue option to show or not show tips. Every heart takes 3 sec to consume, while its' spawn time is 16 secs. I agree that it's power is quite strong, but definitely not worth 6 hearts, since it requires Cirrus to get damaged first and so, the speed buff is shorthanded.

As far as I've seen, all enemies have 1 or 2 heart cost on their abilities and they are quite powerful for such a low cost. The monsters present in Secret Garden would be vaguely described at start, but others would be "Unknown", then "Unidentified" once terrain is scouted, then a name and picture appears once Lilith encounters them. Then its lore and battle characteristics would be expanded upon bonding, as Lilith gains more insight about that particular species perhaps bonding with certain species would actually unlock special power for the entire species?

The ones not introduced yet into the game would better be named "Absent". For this, I propose expanding battle stats in Encyclopedia by "Prey" enemy hard countered by a monster and "Nemesis" enemy that hard counters a monster - which would be updated once that monster encounters its prey or nemesis in battle. I imagine it coupling it with Encyclopedia idea above as follows: Upon entering an unscouted region, you have no outliners - you have to scout it first.

Then, after scouting, an outline appears where an unidentified or identified if already encountered was spotted with an overlaying text "Unidentified Tentacle Monster spotted in this area", then after identifying a monster, its image and name appears within the outline. If you scout when already having the monster encountered before, an image and name appears immediately, without the "unidentified" message. Perhaps it would be better to restrict "Explore" feature to owned regions. I know that they contain more powerful monsters which actually are vital to defeating numbered enemy armies, so perhaps those regions could have smaller enemy population to give player an easier start.